the poetry knook, the poetry of stephen m. james

Stas and Effect

Part I
sloshing through leaves
leading to darkness unknown, away from the lights of town,
beyond stoplights cautioning us we enter into the natural lights,
so hot yet so far away.
catching ourselves sharing moonlit glances
unraveling the stories that have made us — attract,
weighing you and me and school and God?
I mean?God and school and you and me.
disappointed with our hour’s return we return to town
kicking sticks and crossing streets.
maybe, if we add more night to our day,
we will add more light to our night.

Part II
sparkling gem–beset in cotton and denim
I am the meticulous jewel thief?
listen to the tick of the safe?
gradually I reach in to kiss and hold my plunder
protected by laser beams, I beg the precious gem to fall into my open hand.
waiting for her. . . she does.
what now? do I run into this night around us
holding my prize in my bouncing breast pocket?
for my heart pounds with intensity.

Part III
my bent hand brushes your cheek
softly, I paint solace and belonging in your mind.
I do not see your face but know
your vision fades and eyelids fail,
as you nuzzle into my neck
and I hold you, tenderly, under our own night sky.

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